Glass art is one of the most fluid, most artistic, and most functional art forms within the chemistry family of artwork. 

From plates to windows to tables, glass blowers and artisans have for centuries been highly valued members of the community, from ancient times all the way through today.

Now, with the the widespread legalization of cannabis this ever evolving art form has taken the herb world by storm, stepping in to create some of the most beautiful, yet equally functional, glass smoking artwork to ever exist. 

This website is dedicated to the ultimate artistic expression of glass art. We salut craftsmen and craftswomen who take their passion for glass blowing and use it to sculpt functional works of art for the smoking community to enjoy, both visually and physically. 

Bongs, pipes, and bowls are not longer confined to ugly utilitarian design. Today a whole new subculture of ingeniously blown glass art is rapidly becoming THE dominant form of artistic expression within the industry. 

We salut all glass artists, both 420-friendly and those who stick to their traditional craft in other non-420 industries. Glass is a beautiful medium that needs to be shared more with the world.