Things to Think About When Bong Shopping

The humble bong is more than just a smoking apparatus, it’s a communal piece of art that brings like-minded people together to share in each others company.

When shopping for bongs, like any quality piece of art, it pays to not just look for “the cheapest option” but to spend a little more for higher quality and craftsmanship.

A few things to look for when evaluating a potential purchase include:

  • Glass Quality (borosilicate is the strongest and most durable)
  • Country/State of Origin (support local artisans whenever possible)
  • Think Long Term (this is not just a tool, it is artwork, think carefully)
  • Functionality (make sure bowl size, eight, and features align with your preferences)

A bong has a potential to become a life-time companion, a fixture of your living room, and a lifestyle statement.

Take your time, look at pieces from different makers and don’t be afraid to shop around!


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