Grasscity Bongs: The Best Options for Any Budget

Grasscity is known as one of the biggest online retailers of glassware so we dug through their inventory to find the best pieces at the various wallet-friendly price points for you!

Bongs. They are the pillar of any good herb lover’s toolset. The trusty reliable apparatus that can both reflect its owner’s personality and carry out a very important utilitarian task.

If you don’t have a bong, broke your bong, or had your bong stollen, and are in the market for a new one, then is the no-brainer go-to for shopping for a new one.

Grasscity is the internet’s biggest pipe and bong retailer and they carry the biggest selection of popular name brand bongs from some of the most reputable glass blowers in the industry.

Since bongs are half art, half functional tool, just like real world art, the styles, shapes, materials and colors used mean that prices can vary greatly.

You can find super cheap bongs for under $30, and you can buy elaborate hand-crafted pieces of art for well over $3,000. For most of us both of these are a bad choice.

Make an Investment

A bong is a lifelong companion. It is something you use on the regular and trust your precious herb to. A bong is a statement piece, a fixture of your living room or kitchen.

Simply put, bongs are art and for quality art, you should be expecting to pay at least $30, but most likely you should set a threshold of at least $50 if you don’t want Chinese-made garbage.

The sweet spot for most bongs is in the $80-$120 range. This is where you’ll be able to get something that is built well (borosilicate glass instead of cheap glass, nice stem/bowl action, sturdy base, quality diffuser, nice colors/aesthetic.

If you’re not sure what type of bong is right for you then we recommend you check out our Bong Types 101 post to get yourself educated before you go window shopping.

Keep in mind though that a bong should not be seen as something to skimp on and cheap out over. Think of it like a quality chef’s knife, or a quality watch.

Sure there are cheap options out there, but you’ll be using this on the regular so doesn’t it make sense to invest in something quality that will be a pleasure to use every time?

Now that we’re done being your mom, let’s dig right into the bongs shall we?!

Below are some of the best offerings in a myriad of price brackets. We’ve broken down your options into:

  • Best bongs under $50
  • Best bongs under $100
  • Best bongs under $200

Yes, there are options under $30, but like we said, these will probably break on you within a few months so we’re not even including them in this roundup.

There are also bongs that come in well over $200 but these are usually one-off pieces of hand-made artwork so we’ll save that for another post at another time (for all you Richie Riches out there).

Best Bong Under $50

The best option, meaning the most popular, the best selling, and the most highly reviewed bong on Grasscity is the 10″ Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong.

This is the most classic beaker style bong that you’ve probably seen in a million different stoner movies and college coffee tables.

best bong under $50

The beaker is a great design because its extra wide base makes it more stable than many other bong types.

Additionally, the large open base, along with the wider mouth opening means you can more easily fit smaller ice cubes down the bong for a super cooling effect.

The Glasscity 10″ checks all the boxes when it comes to quality, from the borosilicate glass, to the slitted diffuser for optimal percolation, to a nice 14.5mm bowl with a separate glass handle so no more burning your finger tips.

There is subtle Glasscity branding but otherwise the bong is more of a minimalist design.

We like it because its the perfect size, built well, and is an understated piece that could fit in just about any house/apartment living room.

The Glasscity Baker Ice Bong is regularly listed at $54.99, which is JUST over the $50 mark but it can regularly be found on sale. At the time of this writing it was on Grasscity for $38.49, which is a heck of a bargain for a bong like this.

Best Bong Under $100

As mentioned in our introduction, the sweet spot for bongs seems to be between about $80-$100.

You’ll be able to acquire MOST popular name brand bongs if you have budgeted $100. You might be able to cop some more expensive pieces on sale if you are patient with your price comparisons and shopping.

For the best bang for your buck under $100 Glasscity again comes out on top.

best bong under $100

This is probably because Glasscity is Grasscity’s own glassware line, and since they are the biggest online retailer of this type of artwork they know what works and what doesn’t. They also have enormous negotiating power when it comes to dealing with suppliers to they are able to cut great deals.

The best bong under $100 is the Glasscity Nautilus Ice Bong with a Slitted Inline diffuser for maximum diffusion, meaning you can rip this thing as hard as you want as long as you want and that smoke will be perfectly diffused through your water/juice supply for a smooth and creamy draw every time.

Of course, the Nautilus is made of high-quality borosilicate, as are all Glasscity bongs.

The bong has a pretty standard design outside of the inline diffuser (which is super fun to watch in action) featuring a 18.8mm bowl, so you can load it up with a couple of friends.

It has ice notches to protect the inline-difuser as well as deep blue accents on the diffuser, the ice notches, and the wide stabilizing base.

Total height/length is almost 16″ (15.7 technically) and has 5.0mm thick glass, the gold standard and perfect balance between light-weight and durability.

Honorable Mention in Sub $100 Category

While we are in love with the Glasscity Nautilus and think it is truly the best bang for your buck in this sub-$100 category, we thought we’d include the Black Leaf ELITE Beaker Base 6-Arm Percolator Ice bong as well.

Yes that is a mouthful but it’s because this bong has a lot going on.

First off, Black Leaf is one of the best selling, most frequently highly reviewed bong companies on the market. They are known for quality and affordability. We’d call them the Honda/Toyota of the bong world.

While the Black Leaf ELITE usually retails for just over $100 (we saw it at $109 before) it can regularly be found on sale. Last we checked Grasscity they had it reduced at $76.99.

Black Leaf ELITE 6-arm perc

To us this is an absolute steal. This bong could easily last you a lifetime if you keep it clean and are careful storing it.

The ELITE beaker features a 6-arm percolator mechanism. Notice a trend with percolators and pricing?

Well, if you scroll up, you’ll see the sub-$50 only has one percolator and that is the downstem. At the next price level we have the inline perc of the Nautilus and here, at just a smidge over $100 we have a 6-arm perc.

The more percolation the bigger, smoother, and creamier your rips will be. It is the percolators function to run the smoke through your liquid, and the finer that dispersion can be, the better experience you’re going to have.

For this reason the Black Leaf ELITE deserves a spot on this list.

Best Bong Under $200

OK, so now we are officially in “connoisseur” territory. At over $200 you are now not just spending on the quality of a particular bong, but the aesthetic value as well.

While many of the above mentioned bong types are mass produced, at the $100-$200 range you’ll start to find more personalized artistic creations.

This makes this price range much more subjective than the cheaper brackets because of the difficulty of assigning value to aesthetics. One persons Picasso is another persons Calvin & Hobbes.

Nonetheless, we’ve identified what WE think is one of the most beautiful and functional bongs to be found on Grasscity at under $200 but over $100.

This mystery piece is the Tsunami Glass straight ice bong with double tree percolation and spore percolation.

Tsunami Glass double tree perc with spore perc

Tsunami glass is a high-end bong maker, known for providing some of the smoothest hitting pieces of art on the market. If Black Leaf is the Honda/Toyota then Tsunami multi-percs are the Cadillacs.

Priced regularly at just north of $150 the double tree per and spore perc straight ice bong is one of the most well-engineered, luxurious smoking experiences you can have.

Standing at 16 inches tall and made of amber, green, blue or clear borosilicate glass, the Tsunami double tree perc and spore perc is a forced to be reckoned with, much like a real Tsunami.

This bong has three chambers. First smoke is pulled from the bowl down through the reinforced downstem and into the spore percolator that is at the very bottom of the chamber.

The slits in the spore percolator break up the smoke into smaller particles, increasing surface area, cooling and dispersion.

From here the smoke moves to the second chamber which contains an 8-arm percolator tree. Yes, that’s 8 arms in the 2nd stage!

But wait theirs more! (please reread in an infomercial voice)

After the 8-arm perc the smoke moves up into the third and final chamber which contains another 8-arm percolator tree (so that’s 16 in total if you can’t do math).

At the top of the tube there are ice notches so you can put in ice to help cool your smoke off too, if it isn’t for some reason still hot from your 16 arms of percolation!

You could be ripping this non-stop, burning a gooey hash/herb mix with butane and your smoke would still be coming out creamy smooth and perfectly ready for a deep inhale.

Summary & Review

Ultimately what you spend depends on how much you have to spend (stick to spliffs and bowls if you are really on a tight budget) but also on your application (solo or shared) and how fancy you want to get with the stylization.

Bongs are reflective of their owners personality, so spending a little bit to get something that is both quality and fun makes sense.

Don’t be afraid to show off your personal tastes when it comes to choosing a bong.

It is a lifelong friend and a discussion piece at the same time, so it’s worth taking your time to get right!

What do you think?


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