Dive Into The Artful World of Ceramics

While we are a bit partial to glass, we have to say there have been more and more beautifully crafted ceramic bong options popping up recently.

From classic white to vibrantly hand-painted pieces, ceramic is THE medium for artists looking to add hand painted character to their bongs.

While not quite as durable as borosilicate or silicon for that mater, ceramics are in a league of their own in terms of pure aesthetic beauty.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping ceramics:

  • Best Buy Locally (ceramics are an artisans world, places like Etsy are great for finding unique pieces of art)
  • Consider Two Purchases (if buying an expensive ceramic bong consider buying a simpler, cheaper borosilicate glass one for daily use to preserve your fancy one)
  • Expect to Spend (quality art comes with a price, and thus be aware that quality ceramics are generally a bit pricier than their glass cousins)

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