Glass Dab Rigs

If you are into concentrates and oils then getting a solid rig is a must-have.

Unlike bongs which can vary widely in features and still more or less get the job done (heck you can smoke dry herb out of an apple) with dab rigs the process is much more involved.

Quality of glass, particularly in the banger rig, the part that holds the concentrate, is critical as it is super heated in continuous cycles.

Using inferior quality materials with something that is super heated regularly will result in discoloration and ultimately early breakage.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for rigs:

  • Quality Bangers (as mentioned, this is the most punished part of the rig and requires quality for longevities sake)
  • Quality Construction (the cooling apparatus on dab rigs can be quite complicated, consisting of multiple stems and tunnels, resulting in thinner glass walls. For this reason a quality glass base like borosilicate is critical)
  • Functionality Over Form (as opposed to ceramics, which are more form focused art pieces, dab rigs are more technically complicated and thus functionality should take precedent when shopping)

We hope this helps with your rig search. Quality setups can be had for under $50 although we’d recommend spending at least $30 if you want your rig to last more than a couple years.

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