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Now You Can Dab Flame Free with the G Pen Connect!

Enjoy concentrate dabs without the need for a traditional gas torch with Grenco Science’s G Connect adapter that works with any regular glass rig.

If you’ve been in your local dispensary lately and gotten all googly-eyed over the glass counter with the maple syrup crystal candy looking stuff, then you’ve probably at some point asked Siri about “dabbing”.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of smoking highly concentrated marijuana extracts. These come in the form of wax/shatter, concentrates, crystals and hash blends.

To do so you need a lot of specialized equipment like a water piece/bong to cool the vapor, a heat resistant bowl/chamber or a torch/nail to vaporized the concentrate.

You’ll also need a torch as up until now, that was the only way to get the bowl hot enough to vaporize the concentrates.

Why dab?

It’s simply a different way to enjoy THC. Marijuana has always been very versatile in terms of methods of consumption. You can eat it, you can rub it into your skin, you can smoke it in a joint, a blunt, a bong. You can vaporize it. You can dab it.

One reason some people choose dabs over smoking is because it is one of the quickest ways to get very high. Think doing shots vs sipping on a beer, where the shots are dabbing and the beer is a old fashioned joint.

Problems with Dabbing

Concentrates are kind of like death metal to light rock. It’s a sub-sect of a larger community that share a lot in common with more “pedestrian” users, yet separate themselves as a bit more hard-core.

For this reason, it’s probably smart to start slow with dabbing. Don’t go invest in all the tools before first trying it at a friends place to determine whether you like it or not.

For some, it’s just too much too quick, and that’s just fine.

For others, maybe they enjoy it but they don’t have the money to pony up for a full rig, torch, concentrate and all.

Lastly, even for those who both like the experience AND have enough money for all the equipment, you may live somewhere where using a torch to heat things isn’t very feasible.

Whether you sharing your house with your parents, or you have picky roommates, or you simply live in a rented apartment where torches aren’t allowed, traditional dabbing can be prohibitively tough to experience.

Until now..

Torchless Dabbing with the G Pen Connect

There’s a lot of talk about investors about the speed of which the cannabis industry is growing, and they are right, it’s growing fast.

But the media often gets too fixated on traditional businesses like grow farms or dispensaries.

best torch-less dab product
Everything you need for solid flame-free dabbing, nothing you don’t.

One area where the industry is growing at absolute light-speed is technology. From high-end retail and inventory management software, to smoking equipment, the evolution of technology designed to make enjoying legal cannabis easier is progressing at a break-neck pace.

While PAX may have revolutionized the flower-vaping industry with their “iPhone of personal vaporizers” years ago, Grenco Science is disrupting the hard-core enthusiast segment of dabbing with their torch-less electronic concentrate adapter named simply the “Connect”.

The Connect by G Pen (the range of vaporizers from Grenco Science) is a small electronic device that pairs with most traditional glass dab rigs and glass pieces to electronically heat concentrate.

While you can buy a brand new glass rig direct from G Pen, the greatest benefit of the Connect is that works with glassware you already have.

It’s a compact, reliable, safer alternative to traditional nails and gas torches.

It also opens up a whole new market segment of potential concentrate users who live in apartments or situations where nails and flames aren’t a possibility.

The Connect starts at $149, which is a very fair price given how much other smaller portable less complex vape pens start at, and it comes with 10, 14 and 18mm male bowl attachments so you can integrate with any traditional glass rig or bong that uses a 10, 14 or 18mm female bowl/receiver.

With a slick all-black design, very fair entry price point and 1-year warranty, there is no better time to try concentrates and the G Pen connect is your first class ticket to destination high af!


Sometimes, well, most times we choose topics for Art Glass Express based off of what our friends and family either ask us about or share with us.

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This has been a great way to highlight new and quirky trending products like Dual Extract Handheld Vaporizor from Ooze which allows concentrate and oil use with one device, or the best selling and best shredding cannabis grinders for sale today.

However with this post, specifically on researching the Connect from Grenco, this was 100% purely on our own personal initiative because we’ve been wanting to get into concentrates for a while but because of living situations and torches just couldn’t.

Yes, we’re pyromaniacs and can’t control ourselves around torches.

So I guess we’ll just HAVE to pick up a Connect and see what this is all about!

What do you think?

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