Percolator Bongs: An Engineers Wet Dream

If you’re looking for the Cadillac of bongs then you should begin your search in the percolator department.

Percolators are more complicated than your typical bubbler in that they feature extra cooling internals, which makes them great for hot burns like oils and extracts.

This isn’t to say they can’t be used for dry herb as well. The biggest pros of percolators are consistently cool smooth draws.

The cons are the increased complexity which results in increased cleaning time and production costs.

Still, these pieces don’t require fancy colored glass or painting to look impressive, the internal percolator mouths and tubes are usually visually stunning to watch bubble on their own.

Expect to pay closer to the $80-$100 for a quality percolator. They can be had for cheaper but with something as engineering-heavy as this, it pays to spend.

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