Roor vs. Illadelph Bongs

We break down the differences and similarities between two of the most reputable brands in the glassware space..

Bong brands seem to be changing every year with more glass companies coming up and launching new products while others simply fall off the wayside.

There are however great companies that have all along maintained innovative approaches to their glass designs, such as Roor and Illadelph.

So, whether you are a veteran or new to smoking looking for reliable bongs made of high-quality glass, you’ll definitely need a bong that delivers best rips and cool hits.

In this article, we compare Roor versus Illadelph to determine which the better option between the two is. Let’s start with a brief overview of each brand.

Roor: The German Challenger

If Illadelph is the glass bong world’s Louis Vuitton, the Germany based Roor is Gucci.

The company has been in the glass blowing industry for more than 20 years. In fact, the name Roor is synonymous with “rohr” which is German for Pipe. 

Roor bongs compared
Roor is the most famous bong maker out of Germany and with good reason. Quality. Craftsmanship.

Roor pipes are available in different styles including beakers and straight pipes designed using sturdy and durable German Schott glass.

The company is always looking for more innovative ways to manufacture products that embrace the global smoking culture. One of their popular products is the ROOR Inline w/10 Arm Tree. 


  • High-quality German Schott glass 
  • A wide range of products including diffusers, straight tubes, beakers, and ice notches
  • One of the longest-serving smoking glass companies
  • Their 10 arm percolators provide excellent filtration
  • Reasonably priced products


  • Some of their products such as the ROOR Inline w/10 Arm Tree are designed for advanced users 

Illadelph: The Hometown Hero

Since its launch in 2002, Illadelph has become quite popular primarily because of their water pipes’ amazing designs and functionality.

Straight out of Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love, the company embraces the Philly lifestyle by delivering high-quality bongs to consumers across the country. They have a wide variety of bongs crafted using artistic skills and high-quality glass. 

Illadelph bongs reviewed
Illadelph is a Philly treasure and they have their own dedicated museum which is a must-stop for any serious smoker.

In the glass bong world, Illadelph is generally considered to be the equivalent of Louis Vuitton in fashion. They are among the longest-lasting brands in the industry.

Illadelph’s timeless innovations include leading products such as the glycerin coil which can be placed in the freezer to give you the coldest and most refreshing hit possible.

Illadelph is a reliable brand with the best smoking experience for both beginner and veteran users. To illustrate the quality and functionality of the brand’s products, consider the Illadelph 9mm Short Beaker available at $880.


  • The 9mm Illadelph Short Beaker has a large 9mm glass at the base
  • The size is perfect for smoking flower 
  • Gives you better distance between the blazing cherry and your mouth
  • Sleek piece with extra thick slide matching the Illadelph logo looks great
  • Classic durable bong


  • Rather expensive for classic straight tubes and beakers

Art Glass Express Verdict

So, which is the better option between Roor and Illadelph? The simple answer is that you cannot go wrong with either choice. It all depends on the product you choose.

For instance, the Cobalt Illadelph series looks great and even comes with a matching ash catcher but lacks the excellent diffusing system found in most Roor products. 

This is because Roor products have more tiny holes at the bottom while the Illadelph system comes with just 2 slits located at the bottom.

However, for the most part, the differences between the two brands are minimal when it comes to classic bongs. Both brands can be counted on for the best smoking experience no doubt.

Roor is more into the history and craftsmanship of the glass work while it seems Illadelph has focused more on technology recently as a competitive advantage.

Again, both are solid, but if you’re a “classic” lover, then you might want to investigate Roor first, and if you’re a “techy” smoker, then you might want to check out Illadelphs latest and greatest.

Sorry if that’s not the answer you were hoping for but hey, smoking is all about love right and why can’t we love both titans of the bong world equally? Let’s just call it a menege a trois and be done with it shall we?

If you’ve used either or both of these bongs we’d love to hear which one YOU think is the winner between the two in the comments below!

What do you think?

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