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Top 5 Coolest Silicone Bongs

Anyone who has felt the pain at breaking a glass bong knows that silicone bongs are more than just cool looking toys, they’re essentials for butterfingers, travelers and outdoors enthusiasts who need something as robust as their lifestyles demand..

We all know what it’s like. Your favorite glass piece mounted like a trophy on your shelf for all to see.

Then after a full on session, it slips through your fingers and smashes into a million and one pieces on the floor. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

If your bong was made from silicone you wouldn’t be looking for a replacement!

Silicone is becoming increasingly popular due to its outweighing pros;
They’re sturdy, easy to clean, and pretty much unbreakable. If you can get used to the fact that it’s not transparent like it’s glass counterpart, you’re on for a winner!

Silicone smoking products are always medical grade, which means that they’re perfectly safe to use and are very heat resistant.

Silicone is versatile, durable and colorful, so continue reading for our take on the top 5 coolest silicone bongs:

PieceMaker – PMG – Kommuter Kup Silicone Bong

This jaw dropping piece is the first of its kind and will raise the eyebrows of your friends the next time you’re bagging some munchies at the Drive-Thru.

Made for smokers on the go, this bong features a 16 ounce BPA free silicone cup with a detachable lid that fits any McDonalds cup allowing you to create travel bongs! It comes with a straw style mouthpiece and a metal flower bowl.

Like most silicone products, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t need any protection when traveling.
Due to its uniquely rad design, this is certainly worthy of being in the top 5!

Eyce – Silicone Beaker Bong

Eyce Molds are becoming the leaders in silicone smoking accessories. They have thought of everything to make every stoners bong smoking life easier; From magnetic lighter holders to variety of hidden features.

This unbreakable food grade silicone beaker bong has secret compartments (So James Bondish). Each bong includes an easy to pop out hidden stash jar to store your hempwick, lighters and other accessories.

The hidden compartment is also ideal for storing your waxes, oils and other products, it even includes a stainless steel dabber tool!

This product is sophisticated and full of clever features, so is a well deserved contender in our top 5.

Silicone Rick Pickle Pipe

We know, this isn’t a bong, but it’s got to be mentioned!

This novel product is perfect for on the go stoners. It can be thrown in an pocket without the fear of it being sat on and broken.

Available in every color of the rainbow; It can be quite a collectable item. You’ve gotta get them all!

It’s easy to clean, just throw it in the dishwasher. It’s easy to conceal, foldable in the palm of your hand. It’s easily worthy of being in our top 5 silicone list.

If you’re more of a glass lover then we have a full round-up post of all the makers of various Pickle Rick themed pipes you have to check out.

Oil Slick – GeoBong

If contemporary art and a silicone bong had a baby, the GeoBong would be the result.

It’s slick geometric design and clever use of shapes make this bong a contender for viewable shelf space.

Pull out the glass flower bowl piece and this could easily be an art piece – perfect for when you have unexpected visitors. The parents will never suspect a thing!

Its design is so clever this bong is actually splash proof, meaning that your mouth will stay dry and high. If it needs a freshen up, simply put it in the dishwasher and its ready to be displayed again.

Aqua Glassworks – Flex Hybrid Silicone Bong

This is the next level in silicone bongs. You can always trust Aqua Lab Technologies to enhance your smoking experience even more.

This hybrid bong gives you the unbreakable durability of a silicone bong with the cooling benefits of a glass percolator.

The intelligent multi slit diffusing showerhead perc gives you a smooth hit, but this section is easily removable, so if you want a smaller more discreet bong you have the option within seconds.

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