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Sovereignty Glass Reviewed

Sovereignty Glass is a legend in the smokersphere and we break down a few of the reasons why these bongs are worth their weight in gold..

Sovereignty Glass was started in 2007 by someone only known as Stephen C, a.k.a the Machine Maker); Born and raised in California, he began working with glass in 2000, so he’s got quite a few years under his belt.

What makes this company and their work so unique is the amount of time spent on designing and blowing each piece.

They are noticeably heavier, probably the weightiest in your collection – If you can find one! Limited runs and exclusives are often the case with Sovereignty Glass.

Steve has designed and engineered some of the most innovative percolator designs such as The pillar, the proprietary StemLine and gridded G8, Stem8 and Recycler percs.

Sovereignty Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs remain some of the most popular and sought after pieces within the glass community, with plenty of fakes out there, you know it’s good when people are trying to rip it off!

Like most specialist products, especially in the cannabis scene, there seems to be a community of people online talking about this brand; Resembling the likes of gold miners trying to find the next hot spot, there are SG enthusiasts happy to just talk about Steves masterpieces all day long.

We imagine that these bongs, oil rigs and accessories will hold their value at the very least, likely to increase in value over the years.

When people refer to the earlier works as OG, it’s obvious that these OG’s are going to become harder and harder to find.

I don’t even want to think about the feeling of dropping one of these babies, but as each one shatters, the rest increase in value.

sovereignty glass review
classic sovereignty

Speaking of value; The G8 and Stem8 bongs start at around $700 – If you’re lucky enough to find one brand new (keep looking.)

The Sovereignty Gridded downstem features four gridded slits at 180 degrees for ultimate dispersion and cooling. This, you’ll be happy to hear is slightly easier to find in stock at around $50.

Another rare find is the Sovereignty Glass Ash Catcher. Ash Catchers are an excellent way to add extra diffusion and filtration to your glass bong, thus better cooling for a smoother hit. Not forgetting the fact that it keeps the rest of your glass much cleaner.

These are so hard to find, I can’t even find a price reference!

The same goes for the famous Straight Tube; One of the most sought after creations by Steve. If you can source one, they will cost you at least $1,000.

Check out Steves Instagram @sovereigntyglass

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