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The Pinkest of the Pink

Pink glass just has a trippy vapor vibe that is perfect for a relaxing session with friends or alone. We found the best pink glassware for sale and listed them all in this roundup..

You may not be a Paris Hilton by day but by night and/or when enjoying your herb you are all about the lighter cousin of red. 

There is something sexy about pink, especially pink glass. Then, when you take a piece of glass art and form it into an smoking device you have reached ultimate aesthetic nirvana. 

Whether translucent or simply pink accented, pink bongs, pipes and dab bubblers can set off your living room decor and take your chill vapor vibes to the next level. 

So consider the below pink-o-licious glass artwork below to elevate your next smoking session. 

Pink Bongs & Bubblers

If you are looking for a statement piece to keep on your coffee table or take out of your closet on special occasions then nothing says “let’s get lifted” then a in-your-face yet friendly bright pink bong. 

Pink Bubbler Bong from Grass City

bright pink bong

This is the brightest most “in your face” pink bong we could find that was an affordable price as well. 

At just under $30 this is a great glass piece to add to your collection. 

We specifically were looking for something under $50 as we figure you probably won’t use it as your “daily driver” but instead have it as a show-piece or for using with “the girls” come over. 

There are more practical and higher quality grade plain glass bongs that are smaller than this that make better options for daily use.

However for taking out to wow guests, at under $30 this Grass City offer is a steal. You can shop Grass City Neon Pink Bubbler Bong here

Oil Slick Pink Silicone Geobong

pink oilslick geobong silicone

Yes, this IS Art GLASS Express, and thus we are definitely impartial to hand-blown glasswork. From the beauty to the unique imperfections we usually go glass when bong shopping.

However, we do understand there are situations in which glass is not optimal, such as living situations where you need to be able to stash it away quickly, something that is difficult to do with big glass pieces.

Other situations like camping, travel, or just having a clumsy friend may also mean a silicone bong might be best for you.

Silicon is flexible and almost unbreakable. The bowl is still glass, so you don’t have to worry about melting anything either.

The Geobong from Oil Slick is not only a very aesthetic light shade of pink but it also features a very nifty geometric shape, making it look like something out of the future.

The MSRP for this bad boy is $75 but it can regularly be had on sale for as low as $35.

You can buy the Geobong direct from Oil Slick’s website

PieceMaker Kali Beaker Silicone Bong in Pink

piecemaker kali beaker bong

If you like the in-your-face bright pink color of the Grass City glass bong but like the versatility of a silicone bong then the Kali from Piecemaker is right up your alley.

There is no doubt about it, this is a VERY bright neon pink. 

Made of food-grade silicone this bong is durable and stylish at the same time. 

piecemaker kali silicone bong pink

Oh, and it is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.. although we’re not sure why you’d want to microwave this thing. 

You can find the Kali for around the consumer-friendly price of $50 via Grass City.

Pink Pipes & Bowls

If you’re looking for something a little more portable and a little more low profile then a glass pipe might be a better option that the above fixtures. 

Bowls are cool because they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and if made with glass, come in thousands of different form and color factors. 

Here are some of the coolest pink pipes we were able to find in our research:

Simple Pink Pipe from DopestGlass

dopest glass pink pipe

This is a simple glass pipe with a classic design. 

Hand-made out of borosilicate it is both unique and quality and at under $10 an absolute easy impulse purchase.

With pink swirls in a very light translucent glass body this little pipe epitomizes a hip low-key pink lifestyle. 

You can cop this look by supporting the pipes creator directly via Etsy.

Cosmo Pipe from HimalayanLeopard

Himalayan Leopard glass cosmo

Ok, yes, these aren’t 100% pure pink pipes, so for the hardcore of you color fanatics out there, we apologize.

The thing is, the spectrums of shades of pink, purple and blue are woven together so intricately in these beautiful borosilicate pipes form HimalayanLeopard that we had to include them in this list.

The glass is Pyrex and the length is 2.7 inches, making this a classy yet discreet option for color lovers. 

Buy directly from HimalayanLeopard via Etsy.

Light Pink Glass Bowl from SolarStormCreations

solor storm creations glass bowl

This is a standard glass bowl made of a very pleasant, calm shade of light pastel pink. 

The pipe is hand-made here in America and can be customized in terms of length to suit your needs, ranging from 2.75 inches up to 6 inches if you please.

This is the perfect piece for an adult looking for an equally adult-worth shade of pink that isn’t too garish but is still fun. 

You can get yours for under $16 directly from the maker via their Etsy shop here. 

Pink Egg Mini Bowl from SorsenGB

pink egg mini pipe

If the above options are all a bit bigger than what you were looking for then the mini egg might just be the thing.

Similar to the first pipe in this list, this isn’t a solid color but instead features a unique swirly-cue pink strand throughout the length of the egg-sized bowl.

The rest of the borosilicate glass is clear, making this not the most pink pipe in the world but one of the most unique in terms of color distribution. 

At just 3.5 inches this is a true low-profile smoker and makes a great purse or backpack companion. 

You can buy directly from SorsenGB via their Etsy shop. 

Pink Rose Quartz Pipe by CrystalFixMinerals

Crystal Fix Minerals gemstone pipe

Breaking things up a bit here we have our first non-glass pipe on the list!

If you are active on Instagram and follow any popular canna-friendly KOLs then no doubt you’ve seen crystal pipes before in one form or another.

Well, we dig the trend, and while our first option would be a crystal clear quartz pipe this rose quartz would be a close second. 

There is something very subtly aesthetic about natural rose quartz. It’s bright enough to grab attention but it’s not shouty like other artificially colored pieces. 

These hand-made pipes are cut from real gemstone so this is not just a smoking tool but a piece of artwork as well. 

This particular naturally pink quartz stone pipe can be yours for just $26 via CrystalFixMinerals Etsy shop

Alaskan Fireweed Glass Pipe by GoodDayArtisans

good day artisans fireweed glass

The color distribution and shades in this hand-made glass pipe are said to resemble the blooming fireweed in wild Alaska. 

We’ve never been to Alaska but the color pattern within this beautiful pipe is absolutely striking. 

This pipe contains pretty much every different variation of “pink” under the sun, from deep purplish magentas to bright light pastel pinks. 

Available in 4 different siezes this hand-made one-of-a-kind artwork is an absolute steal at just $17 via the GoodDayArtisans Etsy shop

Pink Dab Rig

If concentrates are more your thing then we got just the thing!

Grace Glass Limited Edition Vapor Bong with Double Drum Diffuser

Grace Glass vapor bong 2

There is vapor gas, vaporwave music and then there is the Grace Glass Vapor Bong in pink, which seems to somehow incapsulate all of these feelings.

This is undoubtably the “Queen Bee” of this list. 

Standing at just under 12 inches, and featuring a double drum diffuser, re-enforced fixed down-stem, and subtle pink accents throughout this rig is classy and funky and understated all at once. 

Grace Glass pink diffuser

Made of borosilicate glass and sold from Grace Glass, who have a reputation for quality, this is a perfect self-serving treat or gift to that special someone. 

You can get this beauty from Grace Glass via Glass City’s online shop for as low as $141 (regularly $189).

And that’s it! The coolest glass pipes, bowls and bongs we could find on the web. 

If you have a favorite piece and it also happens to be pink let us know in the comments below, we’d love to learn more about it and perhaps add it to our list to share with our readers! 

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