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Top 5 Beaker Bongs of 2020

Everyone needs a beaker bong but not all beaker bongs are created equal. Learn what to look for when bong shopping with these expert tips..

Since the dawn of smoking, bongs have been a popular method of delivery for peoples medicine. No one wants hot smoke irritating their throat.

The water in the bong acts as a coolant for the hot smoke being drawn through Due to the design, beaker style bongs allow more water to be contained giving even more cooling ability. Not only that, the extra space allows for more advanced cooling systems such as percolators and diffusers.

The beaker bottom also allows for a generous amount of smoke giving you even more of a hit getting you even more blazed!.
Below is our “top 5 Beaker style bongs” – So check out some options for your birthday list!

GRAV Helix Beaker Bong

GRAV always have the cannabis connoisseur in mind when creating their works of art. Their pieces almost look like they belong in a science lab, so you know their worthy of being in your collection.

Their Helix downpipe pushes a smooth stream of cool air into your hit by evenly distributing it with a swirling effect as you breath in, which naturally reduces the harshness of your hit meaning you can take even more!

The intelligent and elegant design of two lab-like beakers fused together creates a regulated flow, ensuring that the smoke is cool by the time it meets your mouth.

We certainly give this an A in the science test!

Black Sheep Glass Beaker Bong

Don’t let the name fool you, Black Sheep bongs are certainly not outsiders to this game.

Black Sheep are designed and made in California so you know that the build quality is exceptional.

The classic beaker edition features a long neck allowing you to draw bigger hits and a multi slit diffused downpipe to make sure that your hit it is cooled sufficiently by the water.

If you want an even cooler hit, take advantage of the triple ice pinch at the bottom of the neck. You can drop in a few cubes of ice down the neck so the smoke is forced to slowly navigate its way through the ice.

When the smoke reaches your lips it will be super chilled; A lot like you once you exhale the hit!

China Glass Bong

If you want your friends to be loading up your bong (who can say no to that?!) China Glass bongs will do just that.

The unique design of these pieces are inspired by the porcelain vases during China’s dynasty period and are hand blown by master craftsmen of the Heibi provence. Traditional Chinese style meets modern day smoking necessities.

Most of their bongs look like masterpieces with blue and gold Chinese prints, taking on the shape of a vase.

Our favourite is the “Huang Quin” Dynasty water pipe – It features a fixed diffused downstem to keep your bong rips super cool. And if you’re ever stuck for a vase, look no further!

Roor Beaker Bong

Roor Glass have been around since I can remember, and I’m a veteran! They have an unrivalled reputation and create stunning glass pieces.

Their range of accessories are exceptional, including the world famous Phunky Feel Tips, dabbing accessories and even transportation bags specifically designed for bongs!

They even provide a bespoke customization service where you can choose the height, mouthpieces, ice notches, decals, bowl style and colours. You can even embellish the glass with your own custom made logo! How dope is that?!

So by now it’s pretty clear that Roor go over and above in providing you a truly unique smoking experience, and they give you the customer total control over your product.

Bougie Floating Beaker Bong

Bougie have an extensive range of glassware, from beakers to bubblers and downstems to pipes.

The floating beaker bong is a uniquely designed piece that gives the illusion that it’s floating in mid air. It features a beautiful glass marble and perfectly curved horn, as well as a multi-slit diffuser to ensure the smoke is kept cool.

Their huge range of other glass masterpieces are worthy of a look, whether you’re looking for something to smoke flowers or oil, Bougie have it all.

If there is an award for being unique, this bong deserves a nomination!

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