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Toro Glass: King of Dabs?

Why does everyone love Toro Glass so much? We investigate one of the biggest names in dabbing to uncover why their glass products are so popular..

Toro Glass was founded by JP Toro. Based in New York, this elite glass maker has been creating high quality scientific glass for the smoking connoisseur.

JP is a master of his craft and is well known in the scene for his expertise and innovative products, which are subsequently highly sought after.

The main focus of Toro Glass is on the effective consumption of concentrates.

There’s an art to dabbing, and like most areas of the high end cannabis market, you’ll always find connoisseurs.

JP’s aim is to create the perfect dabbing experience, and he certainly does just that.

The Terp Slurper

One of his many notable pieces is the Quartz Terp Slurper; This is stoner innovation at it’s finest.

For those that are experienced, we know that an over ambitious dose of concentrate can sometimes overwhelm your nail or bucket.

An eye-watering number of globs slide down the outside of the bucket and on to the floor. This invention catches any overspill. Genius!

Not only that, small slits in the bottom of the tube allow airflow to continuously flow while the consumer inhales, creating a vacuum which constantly “percolates” the shatter, wax, or resin.

As I said, he wants you to have the perfect experience when using his glass.

The Quartz Toro Grail

Another mentionable piece is the Quartz Toro Grail; This is designed too beautifully to brand with the name “bucket”, but in effect that is what it is.

However, Toro has sandblasted a stunning design on the exterior making very it eye catching, and gives extra motivation to keep your rig extra clean.

There is also the Toro Core Reactor. It’s not as scientific as it sounds, so don’t worry.

If anything, this is ideal for beginners because it’s more forgiving in terms of heating.

The added Quartz section in the centre ensures a better heat retention and better vaporization because there is more quartz for your concentrate to come in contact with.

As you can tell, these pieces won’t come cheap. The average brand new Toro Glass Grail costs around $200, Terp Slurpers are at $300, and the straight diffuser bong is at around $500.

We strongly recommend checking out their website –
Also JP’s Instagram account – @toru_glass

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