Best Bubblers Guide

Bubblers are any type of bong that contains water to cool smoke, resulting in bubbling. This includes classic beaker bongs but is most often used to differentiate smaller “water pipes” from their bong-shaped brethren.

These feisty little guys are a great compromise between big bulky beaker bongs and smaller, hot air hand pipes.

Their flexibility in size make the more mobile and easily stored. Since they are still constructed out of glass you can get the same rad artwork you find on other bigger more serious pieces.

While you can find small water pipes with quality glass for under $30 you can easily spend $100+ when custom hand-made glassblowing artwork is applied.

The Pinkest of the Pink

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You may not be a Paris Hilton by day but by night and/or when enjoying your herb you are all about the lighter cousin of red.  There is something sexy about pink, especially pink glass. Then, when you take a piece of glass art and form it into an smoking device you have reached ultimate Read More »

Best Smoking Accessories For Avocado Lovers

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Avocados. They are green. They are tasty. They are cute. The humble avocado has always been a staple in Mexican cuisine but has recently blown up to "pop icon" status in the United States. Tracing The Popularity of the Avocado Once can perhaps roughly trace this meteoric rise to fame via something like this: An Read More »