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Best of the Produce Isle

Impress your vegan friends or trick your mom by hiding your bowl in plain sight with a piece that looks like a piece of fruit or vegetable!

When it comes to glass pipes it’s all about choosing something that is a reflection of your personality.

Smoking is a communal activity and the piece you choose to share with your guests should be something that could start a conversation.

Now, if you are a minimalist and prefer simple, utilitarian metal pipes that’s perfectly fine, because minimalism most definitely is a lifestyle.

However, given the versatility of materials, colors, and textures available in the pipe/bowl/bong-o-sphere, the options to express your creativity are almost endless.

For example, we’ve reviewed everything from Rick & Morty pieces for the hardcore Adult Swimmers, gemstone pipes for the bougie crowd, ice cream cone bowls for all you sweet teeth out there, and even avocado pipes for the healthy living types.

Today we’re going to continue along the “healthy living” line of thought with a round-up of the coolest fruit-shaped pipes on the market.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with the classic apple pipe, but there are a whole slew of AMAZING glassworks out there representing a cornucopia of nature-inspired glassware.

Smooth, Like Peaches & Cream

The humble peach, not only one of THE most delicious fruits out there, but also synonymous with them juicy booties both men and women adore.

peach pipes smoking

A peach pipe is perfect for the casual social smoker looking to brighten the occasion with a very light-weight, “fresh” piece for packing your favorite herb.

peach pipe glass

Of all the glassmakers, Humble Pride Glass is the most prominent when it comes to fruit-inspired artwork, with their pipes being featured at Barney’s “The High End” store in NYC.

An Apple a Day… Keeps Stress at Bay!

Peaches aren’t the only fruit synonymous with booties!

red apple glass pipe

Apple-bottom-booties have been revered since the 50’s and not much has changed since them.

candy red apple pipe

Outside of healthy butts, apples are also associated with general health, as well as scholarly respect (do people still give teachers apples even?)

Again, nobody makes a fresher, more delicious looking apple pipe than Humble Pride Glass.

sour green apple pipe

Candy red or sour green will be the biggest choice you have to make, or you could get both and make a fruit basket!

Time to Pucker Up with Lemons!

If the sour green apples aren’t sour enough for you then you could always step up your game and go straight to the lemon.

lemon fruit pipes

Humble Pride Glass does it again with the most adorable little lemon pipes available in the world.

lemon bowl

These would go perfect with a wide variety of herbs given the natural limonene terpenes present in so many plant varieties.

Do you live in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

If the above fruits are a little too basic for you, then maybe a pineapple inspired pipe might be more up your alley.

In addition to being the residence of choice for Sponge Bob Squarepants, pineapples hold a special warm place in many of our hearts, being associated with tropical climates and calming warm breezes.

pineapple pipe

For pipes, Humble Glass makes a very retro looking pineapple glass pipe that would be perfectly at home on any kitchen window sill.

pineapple water bong

If you are more of a bong person or just looking to display your love of pineapple a little more prominently then the Hemper Pineapple XL bong might be worth considering.

Going Ape for Bananas!

Ah, is there any more iconic fruit than the humble banana?

Also, is there any fruit that was any more naturally pre-disposed to inspire a pipe?

Banana pipes, similar to pineapple pipes have a certain Bahama breeze about them that lighten a room and can also lighten up a smoke session with good friends.

glass banana bundle

Humble Pride is again one of the best-known producers of these cute little banana pipes, which, almost HAVE to be bought in multiples because, you know, banana’s grow in bundles!

banana pipes

If you are looking for a little more realistic looking banana pipe, then you might also want to check out HD Pop Ceramics, which make a pipe complete with black tips and slight browning of the skin, because a slightly aged banana is the best kind of banana!

Auspicious Eggplants

Since we’re venturing into the phallic we can’t ignore the ubiquitous eggplant.

This all-time most-popular emoji for late night text sessions has become a cultural icon for the social-media-born generations.

Yes, it’s not technically a fruit (don’t get us started on tomatoes) but this article is titled “best of the produce isle” and that IS where you find eggplants.

There are two eggplant pipe makers we really like.

eggplant pipe glass

First is Humble Glass with a mesmerizingly deep purple eggplant pipe made of an almost blue semi-transparent glass.

glass eggplant bowl

Next is a opaque lighter-purple specimen from Baked By Ash, which pops a little more with the Crayola crayon shades

Bonus Piece: Los Caliente!

We couldn’t end this listicle on an eggplant so we wanted to share one of the most eye grabbing produce inspired pieces on the market: the chili pepper pipe.

While not as soothing as a pineapple or banana, these pepper pipes stand out because of their naturally sleek form factor as well as the peppers notorious reputation as an attention-grabber.

red chili pepper pipe

The first pipe we fell in love with was, no surprise here, from Humble Glass, because similar to their eggplant pipes they use a semi-transparent glass that creates a wet looking classy feel.

green jalepeno pipe

The second pipe that caught our attention was the green japeneno, with a solid green color that couldn’t get any more realistic.

Adding a red pepper or jalepeno pipe to your collection is a sure way to spice up your nightly smoke sessions.

The Fruit Basket

The nice thing about artisan pipes is they are usually small and affordable, which make them great collector pieces.

You don’t have to use them every day, but instead put them on display like your grandmas used to display her porcelain tea cups and plates.

fruit basket glassware

There’s not better way to wow guests with a table centerpiece than a whole fruit basket of produce-inspired smokeware from Humble Pride Glass.

Letting everyone choose their favorite pipe for a smoke session will make you feel like Fruit of the Loom friends in no time.

OK… we’re out of corny fruit puns..

Until next time..

Keep it classy!

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