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The Coolest Color Changing Fumed Glassware

Fumed glassware and color changing glassware is one surefire way to set positive vibes for your next smoke session. Here are some of the best options currently available online:

Everyone loves things that change color. I’m sure it goes back to our childlike fascination with magic.
Seeing an object change color right in front of your eyes is pretty magical, don’t you think?

As kids, we’re amazed by it, and don’t really question how it happens. But as adults, we know how important heat is in so many reactions. Heat burns the herbs in your bowl, it creates the smoke we all love and (some of us) worship.

With more smoke, means more resin which can deepen the color changing properties even more.

The color changing pipe before and after shots are amazing! Fumed glass can add more depth to the color changing magic, giving a different color each time you look at it.

1) UV Pipe by Fire Life Glass

This UV sensitive little glass bowl is one of the top selling glass pieces on Etsy, partially because it’s time-tested design but mostly because of the sick UV luminescent material mixed into the glass

Sure, you need a black light to really make sure this bad boy changes colors in a drastic way, but even without the black light it still looks pretty dope.

Hand-blown and very intricate, this will certainly be a conversation started when passing it around your friends.

The “inside out pipe” or “illuminati experimental green spoon” is hand blown, made of high-strength borosilicate glass, and is packaged in a gift box with a free hemp wick.

Fire Life Glass has over 6,000 positive reviews making him (her?) one of the most popular pipe sellers on Etsy.

2) Red Eye Glass – Intergalactic Roni Ray Gun Hand Pipe

Roni Ray hand gun glass pipe

Red Eye Glass offer reasonably priced glass works that are truly unique, by design, style and effect.

The Intergalactic Roni Ray Gun Pipe is exactly that; Based on the 1950s style ray gun from Buck Rogers (pew pew pew…. Sorry, it had to be done) it gives you an awesome color changing pipe that will “blow away” your friends into a new dimension of smoking. 

3) Galactic Color Changing Chillum

galactic color changing chillum
Support Solar Storm Creations by buying directly via their Etsy shop:

This color changing chillum is as the name suggests extreme! It’s an extra solid piece, triple tapered and adorned with heavy outside worked glass. It will take a good beating that’s for sure (but try not to drop it, just in case).

It has mesmerizing multi-colored swirls to ensure deep color changing properties. Colors flow together in galactic twirls. It’s trippy and definitely deserving of its name.

This is one big hitter and is sure to impress your friends with it’s trippy galactic chameleon effect. This of course is done via glass fuming, with the addition of blue glitter stardust added in a marble pattern for an ultra trippy space-odyssey effect.

4) Sesh Supply Fumed Color Changing “Pan 5” Beaker Bong

Sesh Supply Pan 5 color changer

This mini beaker bong – Pan 5 – is named after the mythological Greek god of flocks and herds, and you know your herd will be flocking around this little beast.

There is a similar color changing beaker bong but featuring a propeller perc which is called “the Nymph”. We like the naming conventions going on down at Sesh Supply!

At 5” tall, the Pan 5 is ideal for road trips. It’s stunning design and fumed glass gives a magical color changing effect in different light conditions, from yellows to space blues.

The Pan 5’s diffused downstem adds the element of cooling it needs considering the smoke goes from the bowl to your mouth in a matter of a second considering its small stature. All in all, an exceptional little bong!

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