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We Scream For Ice Cream….Pipes

Ice cream bowls are some of the most fun, light-hearted ways to enjoy your herb and we have rounded up some of the coolest brands out there. Prepare for a brain-freeze of awesomeness!

You already know this, but one of the countless options for munchies food is Ice Cream. Thanks to some creative producers, you can smoke bowls AND have ice cream at the same time.

Well, not exactly, but you can smoke your weed in an Ice Cream Pipe!

Check out our list below for some brilliant and innovative ideas for your Ice Cream Pipe.

Silicone Ice Cream Pipe from Etsy

etsy ice cream pipe
You can shop this uniquely delicious piece directly via Dressed to Thrill Shop on Etsy here:

There aren’t many “girly” options in terms of smoking accessories, but this silicone Ice Cream pipe is near the top of the list for more feminine products, with its pretty pink ice cream and colorful sprinkles it’s the perfect gift for your partner, or for yourself.

It also comes in other colors so I’m sure you can find something more “boyish”.

It’s mostly made from silicone so it’s unbreakable and heat proof. It features a decent sized glass bowl that pops out which means that it is very easy to clean!

This is a truly unique piece for your collection that’s surprisingly affordable.

MatheMatix Ice Cream Cone Pendant Pipe

Glass pendants and fashion accessories are becoming increasingly popular. This genius creation blends the two together, giving you a smart and delicious looking ice cream cone pipe that you can wear around your neck!

Mathematix ice cream cone pendant
You can shop this single scoop little pendant cone in moon purple, cotton candy pink, citrus orange, lime green, or vanilla white via Dank Geek:

Your friends will be amazed when you pull this one out! It’s small enough to be discreet, but big enough to make sure that you’re not singeing your eyebrows when you take a hit – Perfectly practical.

This bad boy even comes in a double scoop non pendent variant meaning you can have twice as much in your hit!

Mathematix double scoop ice cream pipe
If you prefer double scoops over the single then Mathematix has your back. Each scoop serves as a bowl so you really are getting double the pleasure here. You can pick up the double scoop at Dank Geek:

It comes in a range of colors so I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you.

Ice Cream Cone Pipe by Christina Cody

Christina Cody mint chip with sprinkles pipe
You can shop this and many other “flavors” directly from Fuzion Glass:

At 4.5 inches long, this pipe is somewhat delicate but that’s the price you pay for a hyper-realistic piece.

The Christina Cody cone comes in a variety of flavors / colors, such as Mint Chip, Chocolate and Vanilla, all with sprinkles.

It’s made from light mini green glass (the mint chip flavor at least) in California by Christina Cody – a seasoned glass blower that makes some very original pieces.

There’s no generic copies here, all are totally hand crafted that are beautifully unique in their own special way.

This piece will certainly add originality to your pipe collection.

White Ice Cream Cone Oil Rig by Chad G

Chad G white ice cream cone dab rig
You can shop this one of a kind (they are hand made and in limited quantities) directly via the Witch Dr. site which features some of Chad G’s best works:

We’ve been too nice. Time to mix it up with a non-traditional cone. But unlike a real dropped cone, this one can still make you plenty happy!

Made in Illinois by an innovative glass artist by the name of Chad G, you can stay cool with this cleverly designed oil rig, which looks exactly like a dropped ice cream cone!

It features a flame polished mouthpiece and straight neck, accented with sandblasted areas and the signature ‘G’ on side. Also a 2 hole pig snout downstem diffuser producing smooth and clean hits.

This work of art isn’t cheap (at a discounted price of $480.00), but you certainly get what you pay for. Ideal for those one off glass piece collectors!

Crush Glass Ice Cream Cone Dab Rig

Crush Glass ice cream dab rig
You can pick up this cute little dessert piece directly via the mecca of dab equipment, The Dab Lab here:

Since we’re on the topic of dabs, we HAD to include the classic pink cone with vanilla sprinkles rig from none other than Crush Glass.

Crush Glass is an all-American glass artisan brand based out of south Cali and has been making unique limited-edition glasswork pieces since ’97.

In fact, Crush Glass were one of the first to make a Pickle Rick pipe before they blew up and became the crazy popular smoke icon they are today.

The Crush ice cream cone is dreamy, like something out of a cartoon. We don’t care that we haven’t seen pink cones before, it contrasts the ice cream perfectly and because it’s translucent still allows you to see your bubbles.

If you’re into dabs then this pint sized buddy would make a tasty treat to your rig collection no doubt.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream Sundae Mini Bong by Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks cookie monster mini bong
You can shop this delicious masterpiece direct from here:

Last but not least in any sense of the term, is the Cookie Monster Sundae from Empire Glassworks.

Okay okay, its not an ice cream cone. But its even better, its a sundae!

This masterpiece looks delicious, blue ice cream, topped with vanilla frosting, chocolate sauce, cookie dough pieces and a half eaten borosilicate cookie, finished off with a wafer tube as the mouthpiece.

This stunning piece is designed and handmade in Placentia, California. It’s specifically for dry herbs and stands at 5 inches tall and comes with a 14mm female bowl.

After talking about that sundae I’m hungry now! Where are the munchies at?!

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