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The Nerdiest Lord of the Rings Inspired Pipes

Do you enjoy head-focused strains? Are you a big sativa smoker? Before you light up and begin your next high debate perhaps consider investing in a classy Lord of the Rings pipe first!

Lord of the Rings has been an inspiration to millions. It’s crazy to think how a Hobbit can take us along on an incredible journey encountering creatures from the depths of the darkest places in the universe. This is great stoner film.

Naturally, the weed smoking nerds among us love any smoking piece that is inspired by the Lord of the Rings! So, let’s check them out:

Gandalf’s Glass Pipe

You know the design; A modest sized bowl with a huuuuuge long stem. These can be found all over the internet in different lengths, some go up to 22 inches!

This one here is hand-made and available on Etsy for under $50 which we think is a steal for a piece of artwork like this.

These long stems cool the smoke nicely, even better if you put the Gandalf glass pipe in the fridge before using it. Sit back, sip on your pint of Ale and puffaway like Gandalf.

If you want to live that long-stem lifestyle but you aren’t all about the quirks that come with hand-made goods, glassware stalwart Grav Labs has a sleek more modernist take on the long-stem wizard pipe they lovingly just call the long-stem Gandalf pipe.

Grav Labs Gandalf Pipe 10"

These pipes are great for evening conversation starters and add a sense of dignified prestige to a hearty herb-induced pondering.

The Ranger Pipe

The Ranger Pipe follows nicely after the Gandalf pipe because they’re similar in design, but the Ranger pipe has a smaller stem with a larger bowl.

Ranger Pipe Lord of the Rings
Shop the Ranger at Etsy:

The Ranger pipe is usually finished with an aged wood effect that gives the pipe an old world character. Its sizable cherrywood bowl makes for a long, pleasant smoke. It comes with a detachable stem for easy cleaning.

The Balrog Pipe

Firstly, these are very hard to find. If you can find one, you’ll be blown away by the intricate detail on the bowl of the pipe.

Balrog pipe

The tail of the Balrog is the stem and the head is the bowl. The basic design is similar to the Sherlock Holmes pipe, but clearly with more detail inspired by the Balrog.

The Hobbit Pipe

It’s just occurred to me that everyone in the Lord of the Rings has their own style of pipe!

These OGs used to love blazing didn’t they? No wonder they were off on all those adventures through Middle Earth, seeing all kinds of magical creatures!

The Hobbit pipe is like Gandalfs pipe, but obviously smaller. I think they would struggle with the size of Gandalfs! It’s made from wood, has a long stem, but more detail around the bowl – some kind of leaves made from dark wood.

This is perfect for sunny days in the shire when you’re feeling sophisticated.

The Glass Wizard Pipe

These come in all kinds of colors and seem to have a sharper bend at the base compared to other Lord of the Rings inspired pipes.

We particularly like this handmade specimen from OurGlassCreations on Etsy because it maintains a classic wizardly form but uses color changing smoked glass which is downright magical looking

color changing wizards pipe
Shop on Etsy at:

The thing with wizard pipes is finding a style that speaks to you as an individual, because no two wizards are alike!

Art Glass Express Summary

There you have it, some of the trippiest, most middle-earth pipes you can currently buy. While we haven’t yet dropped cash for one of these bad boys it’s getting awfully tempting, especially the notion of doing an all day LOTR movie binge session..

What do you think?

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