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Silverstick: Best Filtered One-Hitter?

That quick one-hitter, there for you in the happiest of times and there for you in the darkest of times.

One hitters are some of the most basic smoking accessories which also makes them one of the most reliable.

While the ubiquitous faux-cigarette will probably remain one of the best selling one-hitters out there, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one-hitter.

SilverStick onehitter

Introducing: The Filtered Metal One-Hitter Pipe

All of the problems faced with traditional one-hitters (cheaply made, too small, filter-less, ugly, hard-to-draw) have been swiftly and efficiently solved with the SliverStick.

The SilverStick is made of metal and comes in two sizes, slim and large, with the slim containing enough flower for 2-3 pulls while the large holds enough for 4-6 pulls.

They also come with cotton filters you can replace because there’s nothing worse than ruining some premium flower with ash or soot.

Cotton is also eco-friendly and is void of other chemicals found in other processed paper filters like bleach, chlorine and glues.

Bonus points to SilverStick for using eco-friendly cardboard packaging too instead of the overly-plastic packaging we unfortunately see so often in this industry.

SilverStick colors

Why SilverStick?

Remember when you bought the cheap plastic grinder instead of the slightly higher prices premium grinder? Remember how shitty that was and how you regretted not upgrading to a premium grinder earlier?

If smoking is your craft then invest in quality tools. They will pay their value back multiple times over with their quality, reliability and lasting ability.

Also, in an a post COVID19 era where sharing things that touch our mouths isn’t exactly advised, having your own one-hitter to bring to parties or events, kept clean and secure in your own little wooden/leather dugout, is the ultimate way to get lifted while staying safe with your friends.

Check out SilverStick today if you’re stick of your crappy old flea-market one-hitter OR if you are looking for ways to socialize safely this year.

SilverStick wood dugout

What do you think?

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