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The Fumo Pipe Review: Built Like a Tank

Don’t get us wrong, glass pipes, especially of the hand-blown variety are some of the most beautiful types of smokeware a bud lover could buy.

But the world of pipes is a vast one, spanning multitudes of styles, materials, and designs.

From fun themed pipes like Rick & Morty and Lord of the Rings to savory fruit replicas and sweet desserts, the sheer variety in terms of form factor make glass pipes just as much collector pieces of art as they are utilitarian smoking devices.

But when you’re priorities lay more in the utilitarian end of the spectrum, glass doesn’t really make a viable candidate, primarily because of it’s fragile nature.

The Original Fumo Pipe

Key Features of the Original Fumo Pipe

Fumo is Italian for “smoke” so this device name is simply a classy variant of what it is, a pipe for smoking.

Unlike most other common Italian pipes though, this one was designed with herb in mind over tobacco, although we’re sure if you really wanted to you could put whatever blend you want in there.

What makes the Fumo Pipe truly unique are the materials used to construct it. The main body is made from billet aluminum (meaning CNC’d from a block for maximum structural rigidity).

The glass tube smoke accumulator chamber part of the pipe isn’t actually glass at all, it’s made of a nearly indestructible polycarbonate. The tube is 1 inch wide and comes standard at 3 inches, making for a spacious, cool, smooth draw and inhale.

Optional 6 inch and 18 inch tubes for larger chamber volume/cooling are available if you like to rip your pipes fast and hard.

The Fumo also features spring-assisted choke/vacuum button for quick and easy one-handed operation and there is a little hidden stash compartment in the bottom of the billet pipe body to stash extra filter screens or even a small nug or two.

Most Versatile Hybrid Pipe?

Ultimately this steamroller hybrid pipe is some professional bit of kit, designed with the hardcore cann-enthusiast in mind with it’s simple solid construction and effective design.

If the military or airforce had to build a pipe (we can only dream) we imagine this is what they’d come up with.

The Fumo’s billet aluminum bowl section comes in a variety of anodized metals though, allowing you to find a pipe that suits your personal style.

We’re big fans of the “forest ranger” green (our terminology not theirs) but the purple also looks trippy AF..

Sadly, the pipes inventor, Mr. Fumo passed in 2015. We can only hope that he’s smiling down from a better place at beautiful legacy he left behind.

silicone pipe

If you’re looking for something a little more pocket sized/travel friendly but also rugged and tough we recommend looking at silicone encased bowls.

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If you like to go it solo then we recommend a trusty metal one-hitter like the SilverStick.

Regardless of build materials, design or color, as long as your pipe burns the herb and helps you find happiness we ain’t hatting!

What do you think?

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