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Top 10 Coolest Gemstone Pipes

Precous stone pipes are both classy smoking accessories and pieces of artwork that can proudly be left out on full display..

Sure, we are suckers for glass art. It’s in our name for Pete’s sake! But we here at Art Glass Express can still also appreciate beauty in other mediums.

In our opinion, the next best thing to glass is gemstone. Why? Well amid the myriad of dazzling colors and sheens there exists an almost glass-like aesthetic which we very much are in love with.

In recent years pipes and bowls made of precious stones have exploded in popularity.

Gone are the days where the only options for blazing are grody old water bongs or juvenile looking cheap metal one-hitters.

Now that cannabis legalization is growing in popularity so is the demand for adult-looking, mature, beautiful, yet fully functional pieces.

Below are some of our most favorite naturally-derived gem-based smoking pipes.

Amethyst Pipes

If you have Instagram and you like to smoke then you’ve probably seen an amethyst pipe.

These luscious ladies are the poster child of the gemstone bowl movement currently sweeping America, and we don’t blame the stone!

amethyst crystal pipe
You can buy this handmade pipe directly from the maker here:

Amethyst is one of the most mesmerizing natural crystals on earth, and in it’s pre-processed geode form (that’s essentially a hollow rock to those of you who slept through geology class) it is a piece of art all by itself.

Extracted, cut and polished however humble amethyst becomes a statement piece for the trendy smoker who wishes to separate themselves from the grungy “stoner scene” of years past.

The above and below pipes are each 4-5 inches long and are handmade right in the USA (Illinois).

dark amethyst gemstone pipe
You can shop this handmade pipe direct from the maker via Etsy here:

If you want an amethyst pipe quick and you are an Amazon Prime member then you can go ahead and check out Amazon’s offerings.

Usually one to shy away from smoke gear Amazon does actually have a lot of beautiful amethyst “tubes” as they’re called on the site as not to raise suspicion.

Otherwise, if you want to support individual artists and small businesses OR just want more selection in terms of size, design and shade of purple there are a myriad of gorgeous amethyst bowls available on as well.

Opal Pipes

Opal is a unique stone formed from silica and because of its unique amorphous character it is technically classified as a mineraloid which is not a mineral.

Despite this, it has still risen to prominence as the official gemstone of Australia!

Opal varies in colors and hues and is mined all around the world. Some deposits are more vivid than others but one thing is common with opal, it is mesmerizingly pretty.

opal pipe
Engraving is optional but we think it ads a very classy touch to this timeless American-made opal pipe available here:

Natural open reflects a rainbow of colors in its creamy silken shimmer. This subdued dazzle perfectly matches the mood of opal pipe users and makes a very low-key statement piece.

opal gemstone pipe
If engraving isn’t your thing then you can keep it more natural with this super vaporwave looking opal pipe with a piece of mesmerizing abalone shell fixed to the top. You can buy this pipe via Etsy:

Bah! Opal pipes are too mainstream you may say. Well, if that is the case, have you ever heard of petoskey?

Yeah we didn’t think so.

Petoskey is a stone that is formed out of fossilized coral. This means it’s not technically a mineral but a fossilized living organism. Rad or creepy? You can be the judge.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that petoskey stones, formed by the compacted pressure of glaciers and multi-ton sheets of ice, is that once polished up these coral stones display riveting natural patterns that are entrancing.

Petoskey Pipes

petoskey pipes
We love the use of gummy bears and sour somethings to sell this already beautiful looking pipe. Intrigue your friends with this unique Petoskey pipe from Etsy:

Although we love the above cut petoskey pipe form if you are more into the natural shape of the stone then the bottom rounded stone might be more to your liking.

natural petoskey pipe
IF you’re looking for something for those cold winter nights that you can heat up in the palm of your hand this barely-cut Petoskey pipe with metal tube is for you. Available at Etsy:

Petoskey stone pipes are not only cool but make for a great historical geology lesson. They are also the official state stone of Michigan!

Labradorite Pipes

La-bra-dor-ite. Say it with us now. …that’s it! This hard to pronounce feldspar mineral is often found around igneous (volcanic) rocks and is created under high pressure and high heat.

The result? Hypnotic, sometimes oil-stain-esque stones that are used for jewelry and decoration.

labradorite stone pipe
Fewer precious stones are as technicolor as labradorite. This pipe is sure to blow your friends minds. Handmade and available at Etsy:

To maximize the true beauty of this rare gemstone it’s best to get a highly polished piece and hold it under bright sunlight.

This means if you only hang out in your basement watching TV this may not be the pipe for you. However if you like the outdoors or idk, if your house has large windows even, then this sparkling specimen is just the thing.

dark labradorite gemstone
If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just want to have something to be mesmerized by next time you get lifted then this pipe from Crystal Fix Minerals is just for you. Available via Etsy at:

Labradorite is colorful but in a grounded, subdued form which makes it a great gemstone selection for both men and women alike.

labradorite blue flash
If you aren’t into decorations, or are just looking for a darker, more serious labradorite pipe then these specimens from Etsuko Shop might be more up your alley:

Continuing with the deep greens, blues and purples we need to also bring your attention to the world-famous dentist-favorite mineral; fluorite.

Fluorite Pipes

Besides being used in powdered form to help protect the enamel on your teeth, fluorite in it’s raw unprocessed form also is a naturally beautiful mineral.

Fluorite is calcium fluoride, and is visible in both regular and ultraviolet light.

In terms of wholistic natural healing fluorite is a stone that absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. For this reason many people keep small polished fluorite stones in their pockets.

rainbow fluorite pipes
Rainbow fluorite is one of the most beautiful naturally occurring minerals in our opinion and make for a stylish piece beautiful enough for any occasion. These beauties are Crystal Carving on Etsy.

If you are looking for a little more bling out of your fluorite then we recommend this artistic work by the Dressed to Thrill Shop on Etsy.

rainbow galaxy pipe
The Rainbow Galaxy pipe is made of rainbow fluorite with and pimped out with a druzy agate, peacock ore and crushed pyrite (fools gold). You can shop this handmade art directly from the maker at Etsy:

The above pipe offers about as much majestic technicolor trippy goodness as you can possibly pack onto a pipe.

The nice thing is that it also ships with a stainless steel filter so you don’t have to worry about buying that separate or buying a 3rd party screen that doesn’t fit.

If you prefer a more classic fluorite green piece then we have got just the thing for you…

green fluorite gemstone piece
These gorgeous transparent green fluorite obelisk pipes can be had in plain natural variants or customized with a charm of your choosing. These are made to order via the Volted shop on Etsy:

Marble Pipes

Marble is a timeless stone and has been coveted for it’s natural beauty from Greek and Roman times.

While most people still think of marble as floor material, or perhaps shower wall material, some of us are thinking “gee, I’d like to smoke out of that”.

Well, now you can.

marble pipe kit
The marble pipe kit comes with white marbled stone, metal screen, two replacement screens, a cleaning brush and a discreet cloth carrying bag. This kit can be found at Good Land Trade Co USA via Etsy:

Obsidian Pipes

If marble is too mainstream or you just prefer that stealth badass look, then a mystical obsidian pipe might be more to your liking.

There are a variety of obsidian gemstones out there but our two favorite varieties for the sake of smoking and showing off to friends are the pure black obsidian and gold obsidian.

pure black obsidian crystal pipe
Blacker than night itself (even when held up to a bright light) this classic chic looking handmade pipe can be yours via the Mystic Point Pyramids Shop on Etsy:

If the above pipe is just too evil or you prefer a little more bling in your life then the below gold obsidian variant might be more up your alley.

gold obsidian gemstone
This beauty, at home on a magazine filled coffee table or saving your page for you when you put your book back down to pack a new bowl, can be had via the Etsy Etsuko Shop:

Quartz Pipes

Another super popular gemstone that is commonly used as statement pieces are quartz pipes.

Estuko, the makers of the gold obsidian pipe above also offer a fresh, clean transparent quartz pipe as well.

clear quartz pipe
This icy fresh clear quartz gemstone piece can be had via Etsuko’s Etsy shop here:

If you’d prefer a little more flair there is a beautiful rose quartz offering from Connect Co in Illinois.

The rose pipe isn’t flashy and in your face kind of pink like some fo the pink glassware we reviewed before. Instead it’s friendly, soft, and subtle.

rose quartz pipe
You can buy this exact pipe from US based Connect Co via Etsy here:

Tigers Eye Pipes

If the subtle gold obsidian wasn’t bling enough and rose is well, not your thing then you may want to “get like Rocky” and check out this sick tigers eye pipe.

Yup. This gemstone is really called tigers eye. Who knew mother nature could create such deco-classy pieces of art!

tigers eye pipe
Timeless and sophisticated describe this simply elegant tigers eye stone pipe sold by Autumn Dawn Chicago on Etsy:

If the tigers eye is flashy art-deco then the below jade pipe is zen minimalist.

Jade Pipes

Jade has been one of the most important precious stones in China for thousands of years because of it’s strength, it’s properties, and it’s wide variety of hues and patterns.

green jade stone pipe
Jiang Ming Sheng sells these beautiful deep, dark green jade pipes via his store called simply “Stonepipe HK” on Etsy here:

The green is a natural color that can blend in with a variety of home decor and goes well on a coffee table or night stand with any sort of living foliage.


Yes, this is Art Glass Express and yes, we still prefer glass pipes to stone ourselves, but that’s the beauty about art, everyone has their own favorites!

Gemstones are great mediums as they are strong, natural and just the heft of them in your hand makes you feel like you’re holding something more special than a cheap plastic or metal piece.

So if you are looking to add a statement piece to your collection or if you’re in the market for a special gift for that special someone who also likes herbs then any of the above pipes would make a fantastic present.

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