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Best Smoking Accessories For Avocado Lovers

In case you have been living in a cave, avocados are pretty much a religion to some people now so why not make glassware to resemble our most beloved creamy veg?

Avocados. They are green. They are tasty. They are cute.

The humble avocado has always been a staple in Mexican cuisine but has recently blown up to “pop icon” status in the United States.

Tracing The Popularity of the Avocado

love avocado meme

Once can perhaps roughly trace this meteoric rise to fame via something like this:

An increase in popularity of food trucks > increased popularity in Mexican food > increasing awareness how delicious avocado is > awareness to its many health benefits > all culminating in a perfect storm of “new superfood” status.

At least this is our theory.

In case you are still somehow questioning the claim that the avocado is now a cultural icon, the below avocodo -themed pipes, bowls and bongs should be enough to convince you otherwise.

Yes you read that right, people are making lovely little avocado smoking devices which are exploding in popularity.

Below are some of the best, most cutest “lil avo” pieces we could find.

4″ Avocado Glass Bowl from BuddhasDen

realistic avocado piece

Support small businesses, buy it today via

This is a hand-blown glass bowl approximately 4 inches long and one of the most realistic looking avocado pieces we found.

It’s big enough to pack enough herb to be shared with a couple friends, yet small enough to fit in a hoodie pocket or stash box. The perfect size.

The glass used is the industry’s highest quality, premium Pyrex borosilicate, so this is one strong little ‘cado…

glass avocado bowl

The color matching here is superb, with a dark textured green “peel” on the outside and bright, true-green fleshly colored inside.

The pit itself forms the bowl and at 4 inches, it’s pretty close to realistic size as well.

This is a great option for impressing your friends, and you should feel good purchasing it too if you are American as it is hand-made right here in the U.S of A.

Palm-Sized Ceramic Avocado Bowl from MudHedz

ceramic avocado bowl

Support small businesses and buy this from the seller via Etsy here.

If you thought the last piece was a darling then this one is going to melt your heart.

The shape, texture, and colors of this ceramic bowl are completely different than anything you find with glass, that is the nature of ceramic.

The glasses look richer and deeper in color and there are more little imperfections to love as it is also hand-made.

ceramic version

The base material is a natural earthenware clay, which is then colored with lead-free glass glazing to produce immense depth and shine.

The dinnerware-quality glazing is used both inside and outside the bowl to create a fully washable, safe smoking device.

What’s more, it ships with a complimentary brass filter screen so you can fire it up immediately upon delivery, how cool is that!

Whole Glass Avocado Bowl by HumblePrideGlass

Hoss avocado art

Support a local Oregon artisan by purchasing direct from the maker via

Maybe you are a hardcore avocado lover, so much so that you can’t bare killing them and eating them.

If so, the site of a cut open avocado probably breaks your heart. Well, you’re in luck with this entirely whole avocado bowl from Humble Pride Glass.

This is a VERY unique piece, hand made of premium borosilicate glass in Eugene Oregon. Each piece is hand-made to order, so no two pieces are identical. How cool is that!

glass avocado art

Styled after the Hass avocado (the super dark variety), this little fella is a realistic size and has a realistic knobby texture as well.

Like the real thing, this hefty little piece has very thick skin, comprised of 3 layers of glass

Avocado Bubbler by Empire City

Empire City avocado bubbler

This American hand-made unit can be purchased via Empire Works approved retailer GrassCity here.

So maybe you’re looking for something, a little less portable and perhaps a little more refreshing but still want to rep your love of the cado?

Well then this bubbler pipe from Empire City is just the thing for you.

No, it’s not a realistic shape or weight, but it isn’t designed to be. Empire is known for producing both very high quality, functional apparatus that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Ornamented with no less than 3 avocados this water pipe allows you to show your love while also enjoying the benefits of a traditional bubbler.

Empire City craftsmanship

While this isn’t available via Etsy it is still hand-made in the U.S, which is something we like to mention.

Oh, and it uses premium borosilicate glass as well, which is a “must have” feature of any quality bubbler.

None of the above float your boat? Are you such an avo-fanatic that only the “real thing” will do?

Well, another beautiful feature of the humble ‘cado, much like it’s more vibrant fruity relative the apple, is that with a couple of strategically placed holes, you can turn this superfood into a superpiece!

(Apparently you can also use green bell peppers, limes and honeydew melons)

There you have it! All the avocado goodness we could scour up from all the corners of the internet, served piping hot directly to you.

If you know of any other cool ‘cado-themed gear, from stash boxes to tools let us know in the comments, we’d love to add them to our list!


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