Cash Money Rolling Papers

When you’re a lover of the ganj you’re always on the hunt for that low-key way to flaunt that lifestyle.

This isn’t necessarily a shallow or bad thing. The stoner community is a passionate and friendly one and everyone loves it when they’re friend gets a flashy new bong or some high tech vaporizer.

If you don’t make enough cash with your day job to be able to afford some fancy bong but you still want to stunt on your homies then nothing says you’re a straight up herbal baller like some cash money rolling papers.

cash money rolling papers

Empire Rolling Papers: The Fort Knox of High

Empire makes all-natural, vegetable oil-based, zero flavor additive, 100% vegan rolling papers that look like hundred dollar bills which they affectionately have named “Benny”.

You can buy a box of Benny papers flat, or you can buy cones as well, impeccably rolled for you.

Personally we think these would be great for a multitude of situations…

Looking to shoot the dopest bling-blang rap video ever? Empire got you.

Finally finish sucking enough asshole to make it as vice assistant analyst at some parasitic investment group in NYC and looking to celebrate with some reefer that reminds you of your own personal insatiable greed? Empire got you.

Live in a rich Italian family whose luxurious lifestyle was paid for with ties to the mafia and you want to be able to hide your rolling papers in plain site in your gangster parents home? Empire got you.

Are you Jewish? Ha, got you! Just kidding, obviously…Jews would never burn money!

Did you just break ground or cut the ribbon or open the doors for a local head shop, dispensary or White Castle? Empire got you.

empire rolling 100 dollar bill

The applications are endless, or at least, wherever your imagination can take you. Whether for special occasions or parties or whatever the hell else, we think every Mary Jane lover ought to try Empire Rolling Bennys at some point.

What do you think?

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