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Smoking Tools for Rick & Morty Fanatics

I’m PICKLE RICK AND IM HERE TO RIP! At least that’s what we imagine we’d say if we ripped some herb out of one of these sick Rick & Morty themed pipes..

What is perhaps the cleverest adult animated series to be aired in the last decade, Rick & Morty have understandably developed quite a cult following.

With scientifically-sound (we think) whirlwind adventures through both space and time and time-space, Rick & Morty is already a total head rush of impressive proportions.

Just the sheer intelligence and sometimes nihilistic commentary on society is enough to get our brains a spinning for hours on end even after we turned off the TV and moved on to other things. 

Well, like many forms of media, it is also widely known that the insane creativity that stretches your mind sober can be doubly enjoyed whilst partaking in a bit of flower action.

What better to light your herb while binge watching R&M episodes with your friends than R&M themed smoking gear! 

Below are some of the coolest bits of glasswork we’ve seen centered completely on the R&M theme. 

Caution, if you haven’t seen Rick and Morty then first, go watch that NOW, and second, these works of art won’t be that impressive to you. 

AFTER you watch a few seasons come back to us and revel in pure fandom bliss with us over the following products:

4″ Riggity Wrecked Spoon Pipe

There’s no need to overcomplicate what should be a simple affair. Clean Riggity Wrecked bowl, with an image of Rick and his inspiring quote “Time to Get Riggity Riggity Wrecked Son!” printed on the front.

This is the perfect bowl for a quick rip pre-R&M screening. The color is bright so you should have a hard time losing it, and the shape is simple, so even complete herb noobs can partake. 

This classic little guy is hand-blown specially for you and is available via EasyOneDay on Etsy. 

Pickle Rick Pipe

Pickle Rick pipe

The episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle is perhaps one of the most mind-bending of the series. 

It’s an episode that is so insane that you feel high just watching it. 

Well, what better way to actually get lifted AND enjoy R&M than your very own Pickle Rick pipe!

The official name is “Da Pickle Pal Tobacco Pipe” but we all know this is definitely just Rick in disguise.

Da Pickle Pal is hand-made of glass and looks super realistic. You can buy it directly via the maker, GlassManCometh on

If you really dig vegetable themed glassware then you might like these avocado-lover approved pieces.

Pickle Rick UV Edition

blacklight Pickle Rick

If the above pickle piece isn’t cool enough for you then the special UV edition will rock your world. 

With the right black lighting this pickle piece transforms into bright neon accented glass, looking like it’s come to life directly out of a Rick and Morty episode.

This is also hand-made by GlassManCometh on Etsy and is also 4-5″ in length. 

Black Rick & Morty Space Pipe

Black glass Rick & Morty bowl

If you love pickles but not that much then the black glass space pipe might be for you.

With a more subtle styling, these borosilicate glass bowls are made to order custom each time, and feature trippy galaxy-colored cut-away silhouettes of Rick & Morty running through space.

There are also three huge bulbous knobs on the bowl so it can be set down on a table without rolling away. They also look a bit like planets. 

The galaxy themed black bowl can be ordered hand-made from Leprechaunglass on Etsy

Evil Morty Bowl

Want to really flash your Rick & Morty street cred with a piece that references a specific episode but that isn’t as “mainstream” as Pickle Rick?

Then the “Evil Morty” pipe is for you.

This minimalist, 4.5″ hand-blown pipe features a subtle yet utterly evil hand drawn Evil Morty on the bowl end. 

The design is low key yet still retains it’s cult following nerd factor.

This is the perfect piece for geeking with your R&M friends one night and using without raising any eyebrows with your coworkers the next night. 

The Made-in-Colorado Evil Morty glass pipe can be had at The Dab for $60.

Trident Glass Rick & Morty Bong

If you don’t need something that is portable and instead looking for more of a coffee table “fixture piece” to show your R&M pride, then this Trident Glass bong is just for you. 

Coming in at 15″ tall with a 50mm wide mouthpiece this glass bong, like it’s namesake, is bigger than life. 

Oregon-based Trident glass has a stellar reputation for quality and this Wrecked Rick bong is no exception, with quality glass and hand-drawn images. 

This is a true one-of-a-kind piece of artwork and can be had via The Dab Lab for $300

Plumbus Bowl

“Everyone has a plumbus in their home”

Oh, you don’t? Well, don’t worry, get your smooth shleam, pushed through the grumbo, and let’s not forget to rub the fleeb.. and spit on it.

plumbus bowl well, if you haven’t seen the “how plumbuses are made” Adult Swim commercial from Rick & Morty you are missing out.. massively.

If you don’t have a plumbus yet then you might as well check out the plumbus bowl from Empire Glassworks.

Modelled off the famous plumbus from Rick & Morty, but made out of high-strength borosilicate glass instead of fleeb-floom this plumbus serves multi-purpose functions of both plumbusing and smoking herb.

Oh, and you can feel good supporting the local plumbus economy because this plumbowl (get it.. plumbus + bowl = plumbowl!) is proudly made in the good old US of A.

Rick’s Portal Gun Bowl

If you are a true master of not just the C-137 universe but dozens of other multiverses then you may be worthy of the portal gun bowl from Empire Glassworks.

At 5.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in width this is more of a “little rick” sized portal gun but it’s Ricktastic nonetheless.

Rick & Morty portal gun pipe

The high strength borosilicate is made in the USA, which is one of the reasons why we’re huge fans of the Empire Glassworks brand.

Not only is this a functional glass replica of Rick’s infamous portal gun, it’s crystal-power-thinger-doodad actually is black light reactive and glows a bright radioactive yellow under black light exposure.

portal gun bowl

This is probably one of the most “wow-factor” drenched pieces we’ve seen in recent years and would make a perfect capstone piece to any hard core Rick and Morty fanboy or fangirl’s collection.

There you have it! The coolest Rick and Morty themed glassware we could find from the internet.

Smoking is all about creativity and having fun and we think artwork like this makes a great gift for any true R&M mega-fan. 

What do you think?


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